Find your match

Choose an olive tree of your favourite variety and adopt it – we’ll tend it for you for as long as you wish, and in exchange you’ll receive half a litre of its organic extra virgin oil every year, and the knowledge that 30 square meters of land surrounding the tree will not be chemically treated, poisoned and impoverished by the use of industrial chemical products.

You’ll always be welcome in our orchards in Istria to check it (or them!), pick its fruits, or simply rest in its shade. Do not worry, we’ll put your name on it, so you’ll be able to find it! And why not designate one as a gift to someone you care for?

Here you can make your choice: pick a variety or several varieties, choose the number of trees and let us know whether it is intended for you or as a gift for someone else. We’ll take care of the delivery which will includea 0,5l bottle of oil for each tree, a letter with the details of the location, the variety and the characteristics of the tree and its oil. The package includes also a picture of your tree and should you wish so, we’ll keep you updated with the activities in the orchard, so you’ll know how the tree is doing. If you decide for a long term ownership, the subsequent deliveries will take place in December, after harvest, production and bottling (just in time for Christmas, ho-ho-ho).

Adopt a tree!