Our Orchards

Meet Istria

The land that has been producing the best olive oil in the world since Roman times. Located on the northernmost point of the Adriatic, the climate allows for exceptional quality oils – especially on the gentle slopes that meet the sea on its western coast between Pula, Brioni islands and Rovinj. This is where you will find our, your orchards – close to medieval churches, hugged by stone walls and with the sea sparkling close by. Organically tended and certified, the orchards are a reflection of our vision: we strive to minimize the impact on the landscape and the land we all inherited, trying to deliver to you one of the most prized nature's gifts - the extra virgin organic olive oil.

BIANCHERA – the kicking one

Meet the Bianchera (or Bjelica) olive tree, maybe the wildest of the lot. It grows like there's no order or no tomorrow, requiring constant pruning attention. Otherwise a fantastic tree – the Bianchera does not mind heat or cold, sun or rain, and is quite resilient to diseases, always bearing fruit. The fruit is large and has an elliptic shape and changes colour by December, by which time it is usually already picked (hence the name Bianchera – the white one). We grow it mostly in the orchards close to the 11th century St. Fosca church. Very spicy, but low on bitterness, she's the leading actress of our For Meat label.

BUSA – the prima donna

Like the Bianchera, the Busa olive tree it is of local origin, but covers a different niche altogether. Similar in its un(orderly) growth, but much needier in attention (pests love her too), the Busa is easily the best known olive variety of the area. The fruits are big, round and quickly turn from green to a pinkish/violet colour. The Busa orchards are located close to the 6th century St. Michael church, as most of our trees.

ROSSIGNOLA – the lively youngster

Another member of the local clan, the Rossignola olive tree is for sure the liveliest of the three. Its branches and sprouts are coming from all possible directions and, like the family youngsters, it raises havoc if left unattended for a longer period of time. Besides that, it is a lovely tree with small, rounded leaves and, similarly, small and rounded olives. The orchard is located near the 6th century church of St. Michael and will for sure catch your eye with the incredibly thick vegetation and long rows.


The Italian olive varieties Leccino, Pendolino and Leccio del Corno can be found in our orchards too. Contrary to the local varieties, they are well mannered, easy growing trees whose relocation to Istria has provided a twist to the taste you may know them for.