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Design Flourish
In our almost forgotten romanic dialect, Cadenela stood as our family nickname, by chance quite similar to the specific, grape-like olive flowers' grouping, the Cadele. Tiny, delicate and white, they are quite a contrast to such a resilient tree as the olive is. We would like our organic extra virgin olive oils to reflect all the nuances of life surrounding this wonderful tree.

Our Orchards

Whether you have the penchant for a century old, imposing trees or young, neat orchards, you can find them both in our olive groves. Our selection of the best local Istrian varieties, complemented by the most appreciated Italian ones, will meet your tastes for sure.

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Our Oils

Red or white? Not unlike wine, olive oils obtained from different varieties provide for a range of tastes that complement and enhance your cuisine.

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Make yours a bit of the Mediterranean! Be it a selection of our organic oils or an olive tree and its produce, this is the perfect way for you or your friends to reconnect with the land we care for and taste one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. Why not enjoy your oils during the winter and visit your trees in Istria in the summer? Make it a family reunion and give the gift of a tree to your dearest family members and friends!

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